Are you kidding me?

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Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying (published Dec. 17, 2006)

Here’s one little excerpted question: “7) Will there be a television in the bedroom?”

With just a quick skim of this list of questions, it should become quite clear that premarital counseling (whether religious or not) should be required of all couples since in pc, you discuss these very issues (perhaps not the question of the television in the bedroom, but most definitely things of that nature).

So my first impulse was a wish to be allowed to actually add the following to the article: “As a brief introduction to this list of questions, let me say that the idea of asking these questions of your future mate should not be startling or novel at all. And the fact that it is being presented as such makes it quite clear to me that couples are in dire need of premarital counseling. For, while these questions are good on their own, the value of a facilitator is invaluable. So please do not use these questions as a surrogate for at least one good and thorough counseling session. And no, I myself am not a counselor.”

(To read the article, click on any of the hyperlinks or visit



  1. Your NY times link is broken.

    Counseling schmounseling. Here’s Dr. Mike’s Prescription for marital strife:

    1) Realize that in 50 years you’ll be dead and the problem won’t matter.
    2) If you can’t get into that, load up on MDMA to achieve total empathic awareness.
    3) Drink some water.

  2. I fixed the links, I think. At least, when I click on them, they work. But perhaps I’m just special.

    And please tell me you’ll never become a counselor 🙂

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