Larger than life

My plans for the day are huge and life-shattering in their importance. I will help my French student, who I tutored over the summer, with her French recipes she’s written up for her French winter cooking class LBCC. I’ll read over them and help her with her vocabulary and syntax so that they make sense for her students. This will be just the beginning for my day.

Then, I shall make copies of a few handouts for WR 121 that I forgot to send to the office on time. Or rather, I didn’t forget, but I loathe bicycling the 20 minutes up to campus for about 2 minutes worth of work and then bicycling back. So I shall copy them on my own buck and then buy notecards for the first day of class. This, too, is just laying the foundation for the most important activity of all:

Hanging out with the MFA/MAs at Jason’s house tonight. Should be thrilling and exciting and shortlived since I can’t stay out late.

And sprinkled between all of this will be me attempting to get more of my writing done and still trying to finish That Night, which has been losing out to my other interests. But I want to have at least 3 of the books for each of my classes by the time they start, so we’ll see.


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