Ah, workshop

So workshop is here once more! A term with no workshop was like a bowl of cereal with no milk: incomplete and more than a little dry.

Getting to work with a new professor is also exciting, and so far, Tracy Daugherty has been quite the change. The whiteboard in the conference room is actually being used, which is both helfpul and a lesson in deciphering handwriting. I don’t turn in my piece until the 17th, and I anxiously await his notes. Will they be copious like Marjorie’s, littered generously throughout the draft with more suggestions than I could’ve envisioned, explored in further detail in her two-paged, single-spaced letter? Or will they be quiet line edits and margin notes that culminate cleanly into his letter with a gentle firmness pointing me in a few, well-thought out directions? I shall soon find out.

Oh and I’m busy this term, quite busy indeed. I’m taking the following courses and teaching one section of WR 121: Nonfiction Writing, Fiction Workshop, Current Composition Theory, Business Practicum, and Fiction Writing Practicum.  I’m obviously frontloading my degree a little bit so that hopefully I will have more time next year to better form whatever shape my thesis ends up taking. Right now, it appears to be mostly about marriage and pregnancy and Alzheimer’s–maybe that should be its title.

Alas, back to work as always. I’ve been excellent this week about not freaking out about not being ahead of myself. And I’ve also been perfectly mature about not playing video games to delay the inevitable grading of Informals or writing of responses to a composition article. I’m off to a good start.


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