Ah, the future

Our (as in me and Donnie’s) immediate future is shaping up nicely. Within the next two months we shall have a second car and a new job managing apartments. Our current car (the one we bought for a dollar from friends) is a 1991 Honda Civic with no muffler and small holes in the undercarriage/frame thing. It’s also a rather finicky standard, which means I will probably never have success driving it. But we really need a second car because I will have to be able to drive around to different apartment complexes and show apartments, etc… over the summer. We will receive free rent and small bonuses for each lease we sign and renew.

However, we will have to give up a few comforts, such as our own washer and dryer as well as just a generally nicer apartment. But we just really can’t resist the free rent, especially since Donnie isn’t making very much money, and it feels like we don’t have much money to save each month. So by taking this job, we will in effect be doubling my income! (Our friends actually mangage apartments right now, so we have it on good faith that it will be a good thing.)

As for the second car, I might actually be allowed to have a 1996 Toyota 4Runner!!! I’m so excited! The one we’re looking at is under $10,000 and has only 96,587 miles on it. And we could pay over half of it down and get a freakishly cheap interest rate on our car loan from USAA. But we’ll see.


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