Ah, Hondas

So it turns out that Donnie and I have ceased being Toyota people and are now thoroughly Honda. We got a 1999 CR-V on April 30th, and so far, I’ve only driven it three times. Donnie has asked that I drive it as little as possible now that gas here is $3.25. But, for the first time since school started in September, I went to the grocery store during the middle of the day! It was as thrilling as it sounds.

Besides driving around and burning fossil fuels, I’ve also been knee-deep in schoolwork. Being in two workshops creates a nice tension of focus for me. Do I work on my next fiction piece or figure out a nonfiction narrative first? Or do I work on my reading for Current Composition Theory or the seminar paper on group work/collaborative learning? Do I focus more on the business writing practicum or the fiction practicum? As busy as I am, and as much as I dislike being too busy, I feel like this heightened state of busyness has actually helped me stay on-task since I absolutely have to. But, I am looking forward to summer when I get to show apartments all day and work on my thesis all night. Ah, thesis.

I just discovered http://del.icio.us yesterday at the WIC lunch presentation “Read, Write, Share: Emerging Technologies in the Writing Classroom” put on by Anne-Marie Deitering of the OSU library. The presentation as a whole was overwhelmingly interesting. I had no idea you could add notes to flickr! photos or add youtube videos to MyMaps on Google or use www.tagcrowd.com to create tag clouds of documents. Nor did I know that on Google documents, two (or more) people can be working on the same document in real time (as long as they aren’t typing on the same line). Amazing. Now how will I ever explain all of this to my parents?


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