Ah, national holidays

So it’s still May, barely. At this exact moment in Texas, college students and public school students alike are actually enjoying their Memorial Day weekend–picnicking, camping, family reunioning, doing nothing. This is my first spoiled Memorial Day weekend, and I don’t particularly like it.

You might respond, “Well, there’s a trade-off. You don’t get to enjoy Memorial Day but you get to enjoy Labor Day in this lovely quarter system.” Hmmm. Almost a good point since in Texas (and in all semester-school states) we are already in school when Labor Day arrives. However, it happens after the first half week of school, so there’s absolutely nothing pressing that must be done that weekend. Nothing. Most students go home or get drunk or lay around. I remember it as a glorious time of getting ahead on my schoolwork (if I wanted) and lounging around my dorm room and not having to wait in line at the food court downstairs.

You might respond, “But we don’t have to go back to school until the end of September while in Texas, you’re already back in school by late August.” Hmmm. Once again, almost a good point. Septembers are beautiful here, but so are Mays and half of June.

You might respond, “You’re just complaining to avoid doing your schoolwork.” Hmmm. Touché.


One Comment

  1. Touché indeed, I never thought that YOU of all people would be avoiding schoolwork, but then I suppose for you that means only spending four hours a piece rather than eight…

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