Ah, reversing a change

Well, it turns out that we won’t be managing apartments after all. Phew. While it is sad to say goodbye to free rent, the relief of not having to do it is so overwhelming. In fact, after Donnie and I made the final decision not to do it, I could just feel all of this pressure lifting. It was like I had been depressive and was suddenly manic and happy and glad to be alive! (Yes, it was that cheesy of an experience.)

So now I’ve got to be extra-productive over the summer. I’ve actually already started revising two of the stories I hope to include in my thesis collection of short stories. And I got back in touch with my lovely mentor professor at Texas Tech, and just getting to talk with her has gotten me excited about writing and, of course, missing Texas.


One Comment

  1. Glad y’all were able to make a good decision and felt good about it. What a relief! Although not being able to walk to downtown sounds like a big negative. But sounds like there were a ton of positives to not moving.

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