Ah, travel

This month is flying by. Tomorrow I leave for Vancouver with Taylor to retrieve and drive back my aunt’s 1997 Corolla that we’ve bought from her. It will replace Candy, the 1991 Honda Civic we got from our friends John and Sarah in a moment of crisis. We will be passing Candy along to a new set of deserving people, and Donnie will then be able to drive down to Eugene everyday in air-conditioned, mufflered, and non-oil-leaking splendor.

So tomorrow morning, at 6:13 a.m., Taylor and I will take the train from Albany to Seattle and then take a bus the rest of the way into Vancouver. I’m praying for a speedy stop at the border so that we don’t get in too much later than our scheduled 5:00 p.m. arrival time.

I’m also praying that there are no major snaffoos at the border on the way back into the US on Wednesday. But all travel worries aside, I’m looking forward to being in Vancouver! I’ve been one other time (maybe twice?) but it was when I was in the fifth grade so I don’t remember much. Taylor and I plan to spend Tuesday roaming the city in my new car and trying not to get lost. We’ll see.

But after this trip, I’ll be looking forward to an adventure-free rest of the summer. After the two-week trip down to Texas and over to DC, I’m ready to be still.


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