Ah, catching up (with photos)

Well, Vancouver was very Canadian in the sense that it was just like the U.S. except for the fact that their money had the word “Canadian” before the “dollar” and that the drivers were very friendly.

Taylor and I realized after the trip that there are no pictures of us together, but here are two pictures of us both in Vancouver at the same time:

Me with a moose in an ice cream shop

Taylor with the cute expensive hat on Granville Island

We made it across the border and back to Corvallis with no incidents!

Then Donnie and I headed over to Lincoln City with the Young Marrieds leaders for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Lauri, Natalie, Danielle, & Joani

Guys playing football (Donnie in the white undershirt)

And now for a few more pictures from early August when I was down in Texas with the family. My sister and I went to the Houston Zoo with her kids, and it was quite hot. But the kiddos were cute:


Me, Ella, & Tommy

Sara & Ella on the carousel

Cute little Wade asleep at the end of the day



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