Ah, files

Our illustrious computer repair guy ended up telling me last Friday that all of the files had been lost. Naturally, I proceeded to sob uncontrollably; wander the apartment talking to myself; and generally wonder why such a thing should happen to me while simultaneously trying to be at peace about it. In other words, I went through a rather intense mourning period, complete with denial.

And then enter our friend Jeremy on the scene. He kindly offered to take a look at our defunct hard drive, so he plugged it into his computer and ta-da!, there were all of our beloved files! When Donnie called to tell me this, I experienced the largest emotional swing I’ve ever experienced in my twenties. So glorious!

So now all of our files are backed-up on Jeremy’s hard drive and now Donnie and I are in the process and figuring out what new hard drive to get (assuming that it will work on our computer since there could be a problem with our motherboard) and which back-up hard drive to get. Both purchases require a trip to Salem, and we usually try to avoid longish driving trips over our short weekends, but we’ll be heading up to Salem perhaps on Saturday after Texas Tech plays Oklahoma State (OSU) on ESPN (correction: it will actually be playing on FSN)!

Other than fun computer drama, school’s about to start. Helping lead orientation this week has been both interesting and exhausting. But we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from the first-years, which is excellent.

P.S. Heroes starts again this Monday!



  1. We’re so glad you were able to recover the files!! If nothing else, buy a thumb drive and put your most important files on it!
    Didn’t know Tech would be on ESPN on Saturday! Good to know!!!

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