Ah, Thanksgiving

Donnie and I have apparently made a name for ourselves in the pet/housesitting realm. For a week over the summer, we housesat for a professor and his Newfoundland; for Thanksgiving we’re dog/housesitting for friends of ours who have a new house in Corvallis and a cute chocolate lab; and for two weeks of Christmas break, we’ll be catsitting for a fellow MFA. We’re pet/housesitting professionals.

Part of our availability springs from the fact that Donnie doesn’t have any vacation and won’t even start earning any until January 1st. This, of course, is frustrating and disheartening. He doesn’t even get today off (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and he won’t get Christmas Eve off either because they have to be able to have access to their clients money in case one of them wants to make a stock trade or something odd like that. Even a half-day would be nice.

So since Donnie isn’t here today, I’m technically supposed to be writing. I’ve done all my reading, I think, and now just need to polish off a story for the Didion/Wolff class. I wasted a lot of time on Wednesday baking a three-hour pumpkin pie and crust when I could’ve been doing said writing.

I also want to be out Christmas shopping, not for the sales, but because of the crispness outside and the overwhelming sun. But I need to be productive. And I’m not sure that wandering around Grassroots Bookstore actually counts as productivity.


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