Ah, the holiday season

So it looks like I’m posting about once or twice a month, which seems rather miserly of me. Or put another way, I obsessively check my RSS feed throughout the day, hoping and expecting that people are posting. And yet, I post so rarely. I should be better about that.

My parents were just in town. My dad stayed for five days (including the days he flew in and out), while my mom stayed ten days. It was a great visit, not too dampened by the fact that my dad was sick. We were able to hike around Silver Falls State Park and see several of the falls. Because it was a Monday and because it’s winter, the park was almost completely empty. We saw two other cars and one group on the trails. Very nice. I hope to have pictures to post later, once my dad uploads the photos, which may or may not happen.

I restrained my mom to just that one outing, not including some shopping. Usually when they’re here, they want to be out doing something every day–driving to the coast, hiking, etc…. And while those things are nice, they’re also exhausting and make the trip seem too full, too rushed. So my mom and I had a lot of time to sit around and do what we do best: read and talk. And we gorged ourselves on Great Harvest bread, cheesy potato soup, and a truffle each from Harry & David, confirming my dad’s long-held suspicion that all my mom (and I) do all day is eat bon-bons.

As soon as my dad left, Donnie got sick, which meant he was home half of Thursday and all of Friday. But because my mom was in town, he couldn’t really bum around the house like he would’ve wanted. But all in all, it went okay.

My writing is going quite well, whatever that exactly means. I suppose “well,” in this case, means that I’m feeling motivated to revise and what I am revising, feels good. Of course, I still have a long way to go: three more stories need serious revising.

While in the process of revising so that I can give Marjorie all of my stuff all at once on Valentine’s Day, I’m also working on a new piece to submit the first day of workshop–compensation for me missing a workshop in late February while back in Lubbock with the Donnie. That piece is also going well. I finally feel much more able as a writer to anticipate problems and come up with solutions after completing a draft. Oftentimes, in the past, I would finish a draft, know that it wasn’t quite right, but either not feel up to changing it or feel at a loss to do so. We’ll see if these intuitions are actually working correctly.



  1. So glad you all had a nice visit! We will check back to see pictures! Oh..and we miss Great Harvest bread. It’s so yummy. My family had it in Michigan and then we got one in Dallas. That’s where I always bought those giant cookies for your dad when we would visit.

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