Ah, Lubbock

At the end of February/beginning of March, Donnie and I headed down to Lubbock for a conference Donnie was attending. I tagged along because I didn’t know the next time something would take us to Lubbock.

We got to stay with our good friends, Lori and Lee, Wednesday night through Sunday morning. We had a lot of fun with them and their seven-month-old golden retriever, Maggie. Donnie’s family also threw him a surprise party Saturday morning, which was a lot of fun since he was not expecting it at all. And we actually got to play laser tag for the first time in years! I, of course, was terrible. Mainly I kept betraying my own teammates because I would turn to talk to them and still be holding down the auto-fire trigger. Alas.

So Donnie’s mom and brother have pictures of Donnie’s party or the laser tag, which I’ll be getting later. I do have a few pictures of us with Lori and Lee. (click on them for bigger versions)

Prom pose (my chin is so high, and I even was making a conscious effort to keep it down)

Normal pose (except my chin is still too high)

Silly pose (with reflection from top of television; and I’d like to point out that my chin is lower)

Me and Lori

And a picture of Donnie looking snazzy in his beautiful blue tie at the financial planning banquet:



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