Ah, photo catch-up 2

As many of you already know (assuming I know just who is reading this blog), Donnie has a new job in Corvallis! His last day at work in Eugene was this past Friday and he’s taking two weeks off inbetween. This week has been a lot of fun because I don’t have class MWF, so we’ve able to hang out much more than usual. Of course, I’ve been sick, but it’s been nice to have him around to help.

On Friday, Donnie’s last day in Eugene, I rode with him so I could hang out with our friend Melissa and have lunch with her and her husband Tim. So first Donnie dropped me off at the downtown Starbucks and I read three Alice Munro stories, which was great! And then Melissa picked me up and we went shopping. I realized I hadn’t been shopping with another woman (excluding my mom) since Lubbock. So it was a lot of fun. We also spent that evening with Tim and Melissa, and before we headed back up to Corvallis, we took some pictures, oddly reminiscient of the pictures we took with Lori and Lee in Lubbock. Maybe Donnie and I really only have two different types of looks.



Two weeks ago, I made King Ranch Chicken for the first time. As I was making it, all I could think about was my Aunt Claudia who invariably brings this dish to large Kolb family gatherings. It turned out great, and we had our friends Dan and Natalie over to help us finish off part of it.


I’ve also been obsessed with making Amish Friendhip Bread thanks to my dear friend, Beulah. I finally had to stop making four starter bags every ten days because I had too much bread and couldn’t find enough to people give the bags away, too. So after three successful rounds, I’m taking a break. But here are two of the first loaves. So yummy.


And lastly, two weeks ago it snowed/rained here in Corvallis, and I was happy to gloat to my mom who loves such weather. So here’s a feeble attempt on my part to capture the rain/snow. All my of rain/snow or just plain snow never turn out too well. Alas. Maybe I shouldn’t take them through my apartment window 🙂




  1. What a Claire moment. I have been talking about making King Ranch chicken. I just got a recipe out of a Southern Living that my mom sent. Then my mom said she made it for the whole church for a church dinner. And now, you made it. Does that count as a Claire moment??? We’ll be making it this week. When I say “we” I am using that very generously. It will be me, only me.

  2. Your loaves came out beautifully!! I’m taking a friendship-bread-break, too. I’m really the only one who eats it at home and it was all going to my deriere, so for now it sits in freezerland. 🙂

  3. It’s not Aunt Claudia that makes King Ranch Chicken; it’s Aunt Nancy. So much for the mini-memoir.

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