Ah, Corvallis without Donnie…

…is like eating a hot dog without a bun. And just as awkward.

Okay, that was maybe a little over the top. But this is the first time I’ve been here without him, and it’s probably only the second time since we’ve been married that he’s traveled without me. I, of course, have traveled to Texas (and Canada) several times without him because of my school schedule and having much more available vacation time.

So I predicted that I would be more productive in the evenings without him here, and that’s proved to be mostly true. Mostly only because it’s like being single again where I can eat whenever I want, so I can stay in the writing or work “flow” until I decide to break it. I still find myself prone to wandering over to the TV or working on stuff that has nothing to do with writing or reading or my classes. So it looks like except for eating whenever I want, there isn’t much practical difference in my productivity.

I have been spending a little bit of time researching writers’ retreats/residencies that I might apply to for this summer and late fall. I’ve already missed most of the deadlines for ones in June and July, or for some, I could just get my application in before the deadline but that means all of the scholarships have probably been assigned already. But it’s fun to think about getting to go somewhere for a week or two to only write. I haven’t applied in the past because that’s what an MFA is for–a chunk of two years in which to write. (Of course I also teach and take classes, which is a little distracting.)

My friend Isabelle and I are planning on applying to the Spring Creek Project’s “The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek,” which is a two-week collaborative retreat. We can either work on a project together or “anticipate a synergistic benefit from each other’s presence.” Another benefit of this retreat is that it’s in the Coast Range, so expensive travel costs won’t be an issue! So we’ll see.


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  1. Cop out on not submitting close to the deadline. I don’t believe they assign scholarships until after the submission deadline.

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