Ah, April (snow)showers

I woke up this morning at 8:20, left the bedroom, and walked into the computer room to get the phone and looked up to see fat flakes of snow falling outside the window! So I grabbed the camera and took a few more of my (in)famous pictures of snow through the window.

The fat snowflakes (never as good in a picture):

Snowflakes and cherry blossoms. Such an unexpected combination!

It also hailed about an hour ago for a good ten minutes. Lots of little white pebbles bouncing and skidding down the black rooftops, like tiny Plinko chips.

And as I typed this entry, it snowed again, but only for a moment. The sky is now clear over the Coast Range, for the moment, so I can run out to the mailbox without being caught in a flash hailstorm.


One Comment

  1. Snow sounds really nice! We’re in Cartagena (Caribbean coast) for the weekend. It’s like 90 degrees here, if not hotter. Which is a dramatic change when since October you haven’t experienced anything warmer than 65! And poor Jackson. I don’t know if he’s ever sweated a drop in his life, but for the last few days, he’s certainly been making up for it. He gets real lethargic and sweat forms on his little nose. It’s sad too because you know he can’t tell you he’s thirsty, and he doesn’t want to drink his milk because he’s so warm. So we give him water, which he just loves and lets drool out of his mouth. We head back tonight, so we’ll be looking forward to Bogota weather again. Glad you’re getting to experience the snow!! Sounds like fun!

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