Ah, last week of class, ever

Tuesday was my last workshop in a college setting. Fortunately, the piece that was workshopped was well-received, so I didn’t feel demoralized by the end of the workshop. But I still think I’m in denial. And knowing that I’ll probably return to OSU as an instructor next year keeps me in the denial stage. I’m not really leaving. I’ll be back.

On the 15th, I will walk at commencement. Today I bought my hood. It’s brown and orange. Not attractive. And by the 15th I should know whether or not Isabelle and I were accepted into the Spring Creek Project’s residency at The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek for later this summer.

I’m a little sad to think that this huge chapter of my life is coming to an end. But I still have grading to do. So maybe I’ll let myself feel mournful next week.



  1. Or maybe the grading will make you thankful that you’re done with class. (That’s the optimist in me.)
    Congrats on finishing! Donnie will have to take some pictures so we can clap for you!

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