Ah, family

From June 19th to the 24th, my sister Sara and her husband Thomas and two of their kids (Tommy and Ella) visited us here in Corvallis! We went to the coast where we semi-successfully flew a kite on the beach. Ella was actually the best kite flier! And we also visited the aquarium and two lighthouses. On Saturday, we walked through the Farmers’ Market and the kids played in the water fountains. And then on Sunday, we hiked to several of the falls in Silver Falls State Park.

Here are a few photos from their trip!

Thomas, Tommy, Sara, and Ella looking at and touching sting rays

Sea horse resting on blown glass that decorated many of the aquariums as part of the Oddwater exhibit.

A shark in the shark tunnel!

Ella at the Farmers’ Market

Donnie and Tommy at Farmer’s Market

Tommy and Ella at the park near our apartment.



One Comment

  1. Donnie has a Farmer’s Market tan!
    Cute pictures! I want to go to the aquarium sometime, and the lighthouses!


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