Ah, too much to read

So while in the middle of trying to finish up the new Jhumpa Lahiri short story collection, A Room of One’s Own, and Alice Munro stories (among others), I’ve started a new book–George Eliot’s Middlemarch.

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I’m a fool. But whenever I go to the library with Donnie and he checks out all sorts of graphic novels and comic books, I feel left out and wish I could check something out for myself. I haven’t checked out a book in months, but the draw is still there. It’s part of the old attraction to the crinkly plastic book jackets that can only be found at the library and the heft and importance of having a novel lying about the house that must be read by a certain time. It’s about having a set goal.

So now I have a set goal with Middlemarch of August 3rd. Even though I know I can renew my loan, I’m going to try to get it done by then. We’ll see. It’s a long novel, but nothing compared to Dickens’ Bleak House and with slightly larger text! I’m already 100 pages in and have finished Book One. It’s my first George Eliot novel, and I’m finding her wit most amusing (very Jane Austen-esque). I have to keep remembering that it’s a library copy so I can’t mark on the pages. Instead, I’m denoting my favorite lines with a tiny pencil mark and then writing down the page number on another piece of paper. When I’m done, I’ll go back through and type up my favorite lines. Yes, I will actually do it–if I finish on time!

Also, while reading Middlemarch, I’m going to try to read the next in Mary Stewart’s Merlin series–The Hollow Hills. Before I checked out the Eliot book, I placed a hold on The Hollow Hills and even though I could just ignore the hold, I really want to keep reading the series. It’s all my mother’s fault for handing me the book when I was visiting in Texas, and then my fault for reading it obsessively and all through both legs of my flight back (note: I usually don’t read on planes. I’m one of those people who stares into nowhere and wishes she weren’t almost experiencing motion sickness.).

I hadn’t realized before writing this that I’m sort of a slave to voluntary deadlines. It’s similar to the way I handled the Amish Friendship Bread neverending chain of baking. I had to keep baking loaves every 10 days, until after several rounds, I finally forced myself to stop.

Anyway, I guess I better go read!



  1. I haven’t read Middlemarch, but maybe I’ll take it for the Vietnam flight. I had actually been thinking of rereading Adam Bede, a very excellent George Eliot, first recommended by Randy and Cheryl.


  2. I realized that I actually have read one of her books–Silas Marner. I remember the tortuous trial of reading that in the seventh grade. I just remember it being so sad and him dying on the side of the road or something like that. I’m sure I would enjoy it more now.

    And I got the idea for Middlemarch because I saw it on the bookshelf in the front room!

  3. I think I bought it used somewhere. Copycat!!

    Pobre Claire and Silas Marner. We’ll never hear the end of that!

  4. I’m the same way as you about flying/reading on an airplane. Ever since I threw up on a Southwest flight, I’ve been super cautious. Kristen can attest to that.
    And you comment about staring off into nowhere reminded me of Puddy and Elaine on the plane when he stares contentedly into the back of the seat in front of him.

  5. voluntary deadlines! how does that not shock me in the slightest?

    p.s. how did you make those sweet magnets? (i know, i’m a few posts late!)

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