Ah, work

So I’ve had no shortage of babysitting work for the past few weeks. In fact, as soon as I got back from my trip to Texas, I’ve been babysitting four days a week for three different families. And this week, I’m actually doing five days for four families. So at the moment, the sudden workload is a little overwhelming, but I’m glad that I’m staying busy unlike last summer. In fact, I’m making enough money to cover my montly private insurance premiums, which is good enough for me! Now I just need to create a detailed weekly schedule so that I force myself to get in some good solid writing time.

On the plus side, I’ve started working out at least four days a week at OSU’s Dixon Rec Center. As faculty (:D), I get a discounted membership that comes out to $4 per week, which is pretty dang good. I’m trying to get used to being in a gym regularly and in a locker room with women walking around freely before, during, and after showering.

I’ve also moved into my new office in Moreland, which I’m sharing with Isabelle, the other Bridge Instructor and one of my close friends! It’s a big move up from sharing an office with five other people. And I’ve started revisions on my lesson plans and syllabus for the four business writing courses I’ll be teaching in the Fall. I’m kind of excited but also a bit nervous at how I’ll juggle grading for 100 students.

And my reading is also going well! More updates soon as I’m closing in on one of the books now!


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