Ah, eating fresh

Though only our second summer in Oregon, I feel like it’s taken me and Donnie way too long to really start to enjoy the fresh fruits around here. We’ve been consuming lots of cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and a few raspberries and blackberries. I need to go back to the Farmer’s Market this Saturday and load up on more! And hopefully soon, I’ll venture out into the You-Pick berry farms.

My lunch this afternoon was probably the healthiest lunch I’ve ever had (excluding a few salads). Here’s a yummy picture of it:

It’s one of the Pacific Natural Foods soups (Buttery Cream Corn) to which I added sauteed onions and red bell peppers and a little cayenne pepper. And then next to that are cherries, fresh bell peppers, and a kiwi. Mmmm. (Mom, aren’t you proud as well as shocked and awed?)

I chopped up a couple of onions last week as well as two red bell peppers and have them in the freezer now to pull out whenever I want to add them to my meals. I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner!

AND, I’ve cut my hair–almost 8 inches! Here’s a picture of that:

It was difficult to take a great picture on my own, but as you can see, it’s shorter and I’ve got bangs, again. So far they aren’t bothering me. We’ll see.



  1. Looks yummy! I tried to make Seth cauliflower mashed like potatoes…they are supposed to taste the same but I guess I didn’t do it right. Poor guy. Always being influenced by me trying to be healthier! Cute hair!

  2. I didn’t even recognize you when I just looked at the picture with my peripheral vision!! Bangs! Wow! I think it’s cute.


    Eating fruits is way too easy. Throw in some more veggies and I’ll start to be impressed.


  3. Okay, I’ve been chastised by the author. Yes, you’re fabulous and adding these lucious, tasty foods are just what I’d expect from someone who is 25, a former Kolb, and just about perfect! I’m very proud of you!


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