Ah, hiking & parties

Over my birthday weekend, Donnie went on a hiking trip to the Mount Jefferson wilderness area with some guys from Northwest Hills. He brought back mosquito bites and sunburned feet, but otherwise had a great time. As you can see, there was still quite a bit of snow, and they actually hiked through several fee of snow pack in parts and even “lost” the trail for awhile because it was lost in the snow. And all the dead trees are from the fire a few years ago. Here are some photos of his trip:

That’s a picture of Donnie. Oh wait.

Mount Jefferson in the background.

The campsite.

Donnie and some of the guys on the way home.

I actually babysat on my birthday, but the following night, I went to the Crowbar with friends from OSU and then this last Wednesday night we said goodbye to Taylor before she left for Colorado and her new job at Colorado State. Here are some photos from the two events:

Me and Isabelle

Jason, Isabelle, and me



One Comment

  1. Donnie needs to get out in the sun more. He’s kind of pale. Oh, wait.

    Cute pictures of all.


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