Ah, baby shower!

My friend Kayla is pregnant with a little boy and is due in October (2 weeks ahead of my sister Sara!) and next Wednesday is her baby shower. With friends Natalie and Sarah, I helped make a baby quilt for her. It’s sort of a tradition that every pregnant Young Marrieds couple get a baby quilt. It was the first quilt for Sarah and only the second for Natalie, and I didn’t have much experience either! But I think it turned out pretty well. It’s puppy dog themed:

The red color is covered in little paw prints; the blue says “Arf!” “Woof!” & “Bark!”; and the light one says “Puppy Love” 🙂

Puppy quilt detail

Yesterday, I also set to work making baby burp cloths! They’re just 3-ply cloth diapers that have been decorated with ribbon and quilt binding. I got the idea from the blog, Make and Takes, and it was just as easy as she said it would be!

I made one red one with paw prints to go with the quilt. And another is just a standard little boy blue. Sorry that the lighting isn’t so hot!

Baby burp cloths 2
Baby burp cloths 1

And lastly, I made baby closet size dividers to help her keep the different sizes separate in the closet. They’re just foam door hangers with a slit cut on one side and then black stickers. I got this idea from the Armelle blog, which I also love now!

Baby Closet Size Dividers
I had to get creative with some of the “1’s” because my sticker pack only had 3 🙂




  1. Hey Claire,
    I am glad that you have already made something from Make and Takes. I love that website and am glad you are addicted!! The crafts you made look beautiful. Well done!

  2. OMG!! I can’t believe you made all this by hand. They are adorable. I love the size dividers. That’s a good idea for a gift because all new parents get literally tons of baby clothes. You did a good job putting these together.

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