Ah, weekend on the coast

This past weekend, Donnie and I spent Friday and Saturday night at the Starfish Manor Hotel in Lincoln City. It was a beautiful room (the Nautica suite) with a jacuzzi tub in a corner of windows so that we could be inside (it was chilly outside!) and watch the ocean (and the Olympics). Here are a few pictures of our room:

Hotel room

Jacuzzi tub

On Saturday, we tried to go to lunch at Mo’s even though we knew it would probably be so very busy. And it was. So we walked down a block or two to Tiki’s at 51st, which served a very tasty Gardenburger for much cheaper than Mo’s.

 Tiki's on the Beach
Donnie at Tiki's
Donnie enjoying Maui Onion chips

Gypsy the Macaw

Then we enjoyed a walk on the beach just outside our room (4 floors down). Donnie and I paused too long in the wet sand to take a picture of a kite flyer behind us, and so Donnie’s shoes were sadly soaked by the rising tide. But other than that, it was fun, and I got to take my brand-new red Crocs on their debut walk.

On the beach

Donnie with his wet shoes

And then, because the sun was out Saturday, we got to enjoy a lovely sunset:

Saturday night sunset

All in all, it was a great weekend! We need to start doing this more often 🙂



  1. Looks like you had a fun trip together! Do you have the romance package? How crazy that they put rose petals on your bed. And the crocs are so fun! I love red! Such a happy color!

  2. I meant to say “did you have the romance package?” Not “do you?” We really don’t want to know if you “do have the romance package”. I was referring to the rose petals on the bed. Thought I should clarify so that you don’t have to blog a “Ah, romance package” blog. That might scare us, or Seth in particular. 🙂

  3. I’m not commenting on previous comments.

    Who took the sunset picture? Gorgeous!!

    And I’m extremely jealous of getting to wear long sleeves in August!!! Can I move there?


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