Ah, yummy weekend

In preparation for the Recipe Swap that I hosted (see below), I made three cake stands following the instructions from the Aremelle blog. I got the plates at a junk shop for about $18 and the glasses at Goodwill for about $3. The clear caulk cost about $4. So for about $25, I got three cake stands! Here’s a photo of one of them, and the other two can be seen in the recipe swap photos.

Cake Plate 1

This past Saturday, I hosted a Recipe Swap for my friends. We had one back in May at my friend Erin’s house that was a big success, and we quickly realized that we would need another one.

The turn-out wasn’t as large for this one, but I still came away with 15 new tried-and-true recipes! Here are some photos from the event.

Recipe Swapping
From left to right: Kayla, Patrick, Mary-Frances, & Natalie

Goodies on Cake Stands
Lemon bars and snickerdoodles on my new cake stands 🙂

Me and Mary-Frances
Mary-Frances and me

And then on Sunday afternoon, while Donnie played soccer with some of the guys from church, I did my C25K running and then I went back to the park I run through to pick some blackberries. Almost an hour of picking yielded what I got here. When Mom visits in early September, hopefully we’ll be able to pick some more. As of now though, I have plenty! Oh and the blackberries here are sweet! So very sweet 🙂


Blackberries 2
More mmmm…..

And then for dinner I made Spiced Chicken Cacciatore. It was quite yummy, and I highly recommend it!

Spiced Chicken Cacciatore


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