Ah, new kitty!! (2 posts today, but this is the cutest one :D)

On Saturday, Donnie and I got a new kitty! When renewing our lease for our apartment, we noticed that the pet policy had changed to allow pets under one year of age! And we’d been aching for a pet for the past two years so we saw this as our chance! So we went on down to Heartland Humane Society and spent some time schmoozing the kitty cats. There was a cute little white one that we were partial to, but she was already on hold for another family.

And then we met Churro (who we thought was Quesadilla and who was in a cage with Taquito and another Mexican treat). She was such a sweet little Calico (and not super teeny tiny)! She’s four months old and has been renamed Abby.

Enjoy the photos!

Between mouse attacks
Between mouse pounces

Hanging out on Donnie
She likes to be near us, to put it mildly.

Nowhere to go but down
She also enjoys climbing our ladder back chairs but soon realized they’re pretty short ladders.

Just so cute!

On a slightly sadder note, both Donnie and I lost our old kitties this month. Friskie was put to sleep a few weeks ago at the astonishing age of 17, and Donnie’s cat Whiskers died on Friday in mid-stride (after having just killed a mole the day before!) at the age of 15. We hope to have Abby with us for just as long!



  1. very cute kitty but you can’t be offended if anyone names a child Abby..you can’t use real names when everyone is in childbearing years!! 🙂

  2. Claire,
    You seem really cool. Do you want to be friends? 🙂 I wish that we lived near each other. We could be crafty together, make yummy pizza together. I miss seeing you.

    Your kitty is so cute! I am sorry that Frisky died. Have your parents gotten a new cat?

    love you

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