Ah, School Supply Drive & Pizza

This past Saturday, Love Inc hosted its Sixth Annual School Supply Drive for Corvallis teachers. Many local churches and business donate their time and school supplies to the event. This was my first year to help, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! On Wednesday, I helped set-up for a few hours and then came back on Friday for the main event.

The first teachers allowed in at 9:15 were the new teachers so that they could stock up on supplies for their rooms and for their students who may not have all that they need. The rules are that whatever they grab has to fit inside the sack that they’re given. There are some exceptions (like reams of paper and atlases) and most things had limits on them (e.g. 1 Post-it Note pack per teacher and 10 glue sticks per teacher).

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the scale of it. Some 350 teachers were expected! The final numbers will be revealed this Sunday!

All the glue.

Now who’s not excited about adult-sized scissors?

Rows and rows
Most of the supplies.

Me and Lauri
Me and Lauri

And actually on Friday night, I made my first pizza, ever. I know, that’s sort of odd. And I didn’t technically make the dough or sauce. Instead, I bought the Winco dough and pizza sauce on Natalie’s recommendation. Both were yummy! I just let the dough sit out on the counter for a bit to warm up and then spread it out. For toppings, I opted for healthy Canadian bacon and pineapples. Mmmm. And I must say it was yummy. I should do it again!



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  1. Yummy pizza! We love making pizza. We just got a pizza stone from Pampered Chef…it arrived yesterday! We are going to try it on a grill at the finca we are going to this weekend! It is so much cheaper to make pizza!

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