Ah, Multnomah and Bend

During the first week of September, my mom flew up from Houston for a week. When I picked her up from the airport on the 4th, we stopped by Multnomah Falls and then drove on to Bend, which was the first visit to the town for either of us. So here are some photos from her trip (there are quite a few, beware).

Mom at Multnomah Falls
Mom at Multnomah

And then we drove around Mount Hood, stopped at the most blissful fruit stand ever where I ate the best nectarine I’ve ever had. And then we traveled down Highway 26 and after driving through Warm Springs, stopped at this Deschutes River overlook.

Deschutes River
Deschutes River. Do you see that little wall on the right, at the top of the bluff right on the edge? Below is the sign that warns you about it.

Comforting Sign
This really filled me and my mom with confidence as we approached the ledge.

Me and Bridges over the Deschutes
See how confident I am? I’m practically reclining.

The next morning, we headed down to Lava Lands National Monument. It’s just a few minutes south of Bend, and since we only had the morning to spend looking around before heading back to Corvallis, we were only able to tour this part, particularly the Lava Cone.

Mom and Lava Lands National Monument
Mom with the Lava Cone behind her. Yes, it was sunny but surprisingly, not hot.

The Sisters
The Sisters from the lava

Mystery plant
This gorgeous yellow plant that Mom and I liked to call Gorse and/or Sagebrush, even though it’s neither. But it looked so spectacular against the reddish black lava.

Happy chipmunk!

Then we went to the old downtown part of Bend and had sandwiches at Great Harvest because even though there’s one in Houston, it’s too far away and too much indulgence for her. So we indulged together, happily. Then we wandered down the street in Townshend’s tea shop.

Loose Teas at Townshend's in Bend
Loose tea at Townshend’s

The next day, we picked blackberries and promptly put them into a cobbler. And then later, Abby and Mom took a nap together.

Fresh blackberry cobbler

Mom and Abby bonding
To be a cat….and a Mom on vacation

I have no more pictures from the rest of her trip. It was lazy and perfect and was unfortunately cut a day short by Hurricane Ike.

And lastly, here’s just a cute picture of Abby sleeping (I have to say it) in my pants 🙂



One Comment

  1. What happened to your moms legs (in the picture where she is napping)?? Was that from the kitty or from blackberry bushes? Ouch!

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