Ah, a Mexican Halloween

Many months ago, Donnie decided on his Halloween costume: a Luchador/Lucha Libre. He chose the name El Pantera Cansada (The Tired Panther) because he was given the name by a web Luchador name generator. Then we labored over which mask he should choose but eventually decided on Huracan Ramirez’s mask. Then we had to figure out the costume. Donnie wanted it to be sort of pathetic (i.e. not look professional), so he stuck with his plaid pajama bottoms, and he had the idea to make a cape out of an extra-large T-shirt by cutting off the front and the sleeves. Then I painted on his name and panther paw.

Then I had to choose what I would be. That was harder since while there are female Luchadors, they don’t exactly walk around appropriately clothed. I would’ve looked like a strange prostitue, especially since I don’t exactly have a wrestler’s body 🙂 A friend came up with the idea that I should be El Pantera Cansada’s Number One Fan! And you can see by my face paint that I clearly am.

Here are some photos of us and a few of our friends:

El Pantera Cansada & His #1 Fan
El Pantera Cansada and his #1 Fan!

El Pantera Cansada's Intimidating Cape
Yes, you should be intimidated

#1 Fan!
In case you had any doubts about my commitment level

Forrest Gump & His Jenny
Forrest Gump and his Jenny (Jason & Anna)

Jason’s sign says “I just felt like running.” And Jason actually did run to the nearby Safeway to buy candy, and he continued running in the store, and on his way back, someone actually yelled out from their car, “Hey, Forrest!” 🙂

Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett
Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett (Patrick & Mary-Frances, our illustrious party planners)

Patrick actually makes professional costumes for a pretty penny, so his costume was appropriately awesome.

Indy Jones & Marion
Indiana Jones and Marion (Ron & Heather)

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin (Lauri)

It was disturbing just how much she looked like her with just a half-updo and the glasses.

The Greeks
Fraternity Brother & Sorority Sister (Brett & Hannah)

Notice Brett’s three popped collars, the iPod ear buds, the cell phones, and the general disinterestedness. In real life, they’re Kappa Delta House Parents for the free rent and love of college students.

The Dominoes
Dominoes (Dan & Natalie)

They’re dominoes with bling.



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