Ah, Chili Cook-Off, Cute Commercial, & Swag

In the mail today, I received a package from The Nature of Words’s Rising Star Creative Writing Contest. Last March, I submitted my short story “En Plein Air” and received an Honorable Mention, which was exciting, but I thought that was all I would get. I knew that they were having the awards ceremony on November 4th in Bend, Oregon, but I couldn’t attend. I figured all I would receive was a little certificate. Well, in the package, there was a certificate and quite a bit more!

Swag Galore!
T-shirt, pen, embossed journal, certificate, chocolate bar “mint” of a dollar bill, mug, anthology of the winners, $20 gift card to Powell’s Books, mints, and the event guide.

Woohoo for swag! I think I’m most excited about the shirt, journal, and gift card 🙂 And while the certificate is nice, it’s a bit wrinkled. So I guess I won’t be framing it after all!

Moving on to this past Friday night, we had the Young Marrieds Second Annual Chili Cook-Off. Eight different chilis were brought; I supplied all of the cornbread; and my blond brownies, as well as a blackberry/boysenberry cobbler and caramel brownies, made excellent desserts. This was actually my first time to make cornbread, and it was so easy! Not only was the preparation simple, but it only took 10 minutes to cook! And of course, now I have a ton of cornmeal with which I can make as much cornbread as my heart desires.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Long line for the chili                         Me & Donnie & the chili    
Long line for the chili           Mmm, chili 🙂

Busy judges                         No more chili
The judges had been          No more chili!
hard at work!

I also want to share a cute commercial that those of you who don’t live in Oregon or Washington will never have a chance to see. It’s a commercial for the Washington Lottery, and it’s so very cute 🙂 I’ve sent this to some of you already, but who wouldn’t want to see it again?


One Comment

  1. That commercial is so cute! haha. I’m going to send it to Dan, who I know will get wild ideas about making our chickens fly like that…

    -Beulah Crall

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