Ah, Free Hugs

Back on November 8, Donnie and I (along with six other Young Marrieds) spread out around Corvallis downtown to give out free hugs. Donnie and I stationed ourselves at the south end of the Farmer’s Market and probably gave out over 50 hugs. Though it was raining and windy, we lasted an hour and a half. It was a lot fun. Most people who saw us gave us hugs. Others just smiled and still others gave out and received long-distance hugs because we were quite wet.

Free Hugs!
Don’t we look huggable? 🙂

One Comment

  1. I would totally hug you!!!! You guess of Mexico is not correct…at least according to my source…maybe I should double check. Anyway, yes we got the pail (a thank you is in the mail) and it is set up in the nursery! It arrived safely. Thanks so much!!!

    What are you and Donnie doing for Turkey day? Miss and love you! Can’t wait to call you with her name!! Hope she gets here soon.

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