Ah, new Nativity set & Thanksgiving

Last Christmas, I received the Willow Tree Nativity Set and Three Wisemen from my mother- and sister-in-law, respectively. So, of course, I just got to set it up for the first time this year, and I love it!

Nativity Set 2
I folded up white tissue paper and wound twinkle lights under it. The bookshelf it’s sitting on, as well as the picture hanging above it on the wall, is strung with lights.

Last night, we went up to Salem to have Thanksgiving dinner hosted by our friends, Patrick and Mary-Frances. The Mercers and Morses were there as well, and we had plenty of yummy food. And I got to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for the first time and thought it was cute, but also sort of odd. That Peppermint Patty sure has a low voice. . . .

Natalie, Mary-Frances, and Salad
Natalie, Mary-Frances, and a bowl of salad

The Mercers
The Mercers, looking jolly!

The Spread
Some of the food. Those sweet potatoes in the center are mine! It was the first time I ever made them, and they were easy and yummy. Because Salem is about 45 minutes away, by the time I arrived, half of the marshmallows had dissolved into the sweet potatoes. So I tore up some of Mary-Frances’s large marshmallows and re-browned it. So that’s why they look a little weird.

I also made a crustless pumpkin pie but didn’t take a picture of it. But just imagine a pumpkin pie . . . with no crust šŸ™‚



  1. While Morse is a perfectly fine sounding last name, pluralizing it turns it into something completely different and almost unintelligible because it sounds like you’ve made a mess of horses. I’m not sure there’s a solution to the problem.


  2. I don’t think “Morses” is unintelligible. But then again, I hear it said all the time as in “We’re having dinner with the Morses” and “Why aren’t the Morses here yet?”. I suppose I just have a more skilled ear than you šŸ™‚

  3. It’s a word, Morses, that is, that if you didn’t know it as a singular or didn’t hear it in context, I don’t think anyone would know what you had just said. Morris and Morrises is fine, Morse and Morses is not. Even Hickses is better, and that’s a tough one on a couple of counts. You should be thankful that you’re a fish. (And I think Carp is singular and/or plural, so you’re covered.)


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