Ah, Christmas goodies!

Each Christmas season, I can’t resist making goodies. Last year, I made my mom’s fabulous fudge and the Doubletree Hotel cookies.  This year, I made the fudge again and then made my friend Lauren’s recipe for butter cookies with buttercream frosting. They are so yummy! But I had never made rolled-out cookie-cutter cookies before, so it was quite the adventure at the beginning. When the recipe said to “lightly flour” the rolling surface, it apparently meant that I should cover everything with lots of flour or the dough will stick to everything. So I had to wash down the rolling pin and surface and then start over with much better success! It was also only my second time to frost cookies, so that was a trial-and-error process. Donnie helped with the frosting because it can be quite the time-consuming task. Here are some of the results!


More cookies









I also made a new recipe that I got from Sunset magazine for Cardamom-Brown Sugar Palmiers. I haven’t had one yet (I have to pace myself), but Donnie took some to work ,and he and the others thought they were tasty! The best part about them is that they look “fancy” and difficult-to-make but are actually quite easy. Here are pictures of the cookies and then a picture of the cookies with the magazine’s photo of what it should look like. I didn’t roll them tight enough it seems. Alas.Cardamom-Brown Sugar PalmiersCardamom-Brown Sugar Palmiers








Last week, I also made Lemon Lover’s Cookies with lemon frosting. They’re cute little button-sized cookies that I will definitely be making again in the future because of how easy they were!



  1. Making frosted cookies is my favorite! My mom used to make enough for us to stand at the back of church on Christmas Eve and pass them out to every child at church…at times that meant over a hundred cookies! We “helped” but I imagine she iced for days and we ate our creations because they were likely not too beautiful! Anyhow, your cookies look beautiful!!! Enjoy!

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of cookies! I made 48, which felt like a lot, so double that would be quite a bit of work! I can definitely see, though, why Moms and Grandmas have the kids help with the frosting and decorating.

    I can send you the recipe for the cookies and frosting if you like and for the Lemon Lover’s cookies and frosting if you like lemon 🙂

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