Ah, wintry weekend

Last weekend was quite packed with a Christmas Party, babysitting for a friend, a doctoral graduation party, and snow! So this post will be my attempt to hit the high points.

On Friday night, Donnie and I headed to Iovino’s on the riverfront for his company’s Christmas party. We had a room to ourselves with tasty hors’douevres, wine, and music. I ordered a cup of butternut squash soup topped with mascarpone (mmmmm :D) and a portabella mushroom dish, which was amazingly yummy. I don’t have any pictures of any of this because Donnie thought it would be odd for me to take my camera, and I kind of agree. But I do have a picture of us before we headed out to the party, so that will have to suffice.

Us before the Christmas party








Little AutumnSaturday evening, we babysat for our friends Jeremy and Carrie. Their little girl Autumn Joy is about 14 months old and very cute! We had a lot of fun playing with her (before watching Hancock, which yes, Mom, we really enjoyed and didn’t see the twist coming!). Here’s a picture of her from the following night at Dan’s graduation party:






Sunday evening, Donnie and I made our way to Albany to our friends Joe and Myra’s house for a graduation party for Dan who defended (and passed with no required changes!) his doctoral thesis back on November 20th. When Donnie and I woke up Sunday morning, there was a thin blanket of snow and it continued to lightly snow throughout the morning. But while we were at the Longs’, it started to snow more and all of the lovely melted snow turned to lovely ice. But first, pictures of the party!

Joyful RebekahJoani and Elysia

 Rebekah being her joyful self, and Joani with little Elysia



Dan with his honorary poster

 The Longs transformed a photo of Dan from their trip to Disney World into a lovely congratulatory poster 🙂







 And lastly, here are some pictures of the snow on Sunday night. I’ll have to save photos of yesterday’s snow for another post. 

This what we found when we walked out of the Longs’ house in the 20-degree cold. And here’s our very ineffective frozen windshield wiper on the way home. The snow was blowing very hard on most of the drive home, which made visibility a little tricky.Snowy Car

Our sad winshield wiper








Me in the snow and snowy leaves outside of our apartment.


Snowy leaves



  1. Hail counts for something 🙂 It’s icy and cold and makes a mess. That’s pretty close to snow!

  2. You know I’m jealous, but we had snow, too!!

    See you soon. We may not have cold, but we have Tex-Mex!


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