Ah, snow (again)

So I promised more pictures of the snow that has been falling since Monday, so here they are with a a bonus video thrown in for fun.Snow on December 15th

This is the snowfall on Monday before the rain started and then snowed again and then rained again.











Here is video of snowfall on Wednesday. This was the day of rain/snow/rain/snow, so there was a fresh thin blanket of snow every few hours, which was fun. Here’s one of the new fresh blankets of snow.

This is the snowfall from Thursday afternoon and evening that was still pristine this (Friday) morning.Heavy snow on Friday Those are the same trees from the first photo, just more covered 🙂

We fly out to Texas tomorrow morning, so we have to say goodbye to all the snow. Alas.


One Comment

  1. Hi Claire,
    Your pictures look like Flagstaff. We have gotten SO MUCH snow! I love it. I think more is supposed to come as well. I love it. I wish I was able to be more active…it’s perfect for XC skiing.

    The puff balls in the nursery are actually silk flower pomanders. I made the Martha Stewart tissue paper balls for my birthday party and they turned out really well, but I wanted something different for the nursery. My mom took styrofoam balls and glued/stuck silk flowers all over them. They look great and help fill the wasted space from the tall ceilings.

    I bet you are glad to be in Texas for Christmas. Abby and Travis are there as well.

    Much love to you and Donnie. Have a great Christmas. Is it too early to yell Christmas Gift?! Hope you win! Tell your family hello for me.

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