Ah, Southlake

We arrived in Southlake, Texas, on Saturday, December 20. The next morning we headed to Fellowship of the Parks-Grapevine to see Donnie’s longtime friend and best man at our wedding, Kyle Clark. He leads the worship at this new church, and Donnie really wanted to witness it, so off we went. Another of Donnie’s longtime friends (since kindergarten) and groomsman at our wedding was there, too, Casey. It was a good service with excellent music, and afterwards, we all went out to lunch at Fuddrucker’s where I had third hamburger in three days. Guess who’s back in Texas? 🙂 (I substituted the meat for a Gardenburger just to go easy on my stomach.)

Kyle and his wife Annie had their first baby back in October, Jayden Allen Clark, so I got to spend lots of time oohing and aahing over him. Here are a couple of pictures of Kyle, Casey, and Donnie and then little Jayden.

Kyle, Casey, and Donnie (It’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken, so I apologize to Casey and Kyle for the less-than-flattering picture :D)


Little Jayden


One Comment

  1. Hi Claire~ Yep, red meat 3 days in a row is very Texan of you. Way to support the cattle men! 🙂

    I thought about doing the clean diaper under the dirty one, but just haven’t done it yet. Not sure why. But she is a pretty heavy pee-er, so I am not sure it would guarantee that she always remained dry. I am always trying new methods to figure out what is the most efficient/quickest way to get it all taken care of.

    Miss you too.

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