Ah, scarves update

First of all, Merry Christmas and Christmas gift (to my dear family)!

Now, an update on my scarves. Yes, that’s right. I’m now knitting my second scarf! I finished the first one Saturday evening after getting to knit in the airport and on the plane. I bought plastic needles, hoping that they would be more likely to make it past TSA since the TSA website said that although knitting needles are allowed, any TSA agent can refuse to let anything on if they think it looks suspicious. So the website recommended plastic needles instead of aluminum ones. So that’s what I switched my knitting to and, at Donnie’s recommendation, I put my knitting in the mesh pocket on the outside of my backpack so that it was clear what the needles were for and that I wasn’t trying to hide them. So I was able to get lots of knitting done, which was good since last Friday, I realized that I had been adding extra stitches to my scarf accidentally and while I had started with 15, I ended up with over 30! So I had to unravel most of it and start over.

Scarf #1Since I was starting over, I thought I’d play with different stitches. So I started to purl and then began knitting one row and purling the next and alternating to make the stockinette stitch. As you might be able to see in the picture, I began alternating between stockinette stitch and garter stitch (e.g. all knitted rows) to make a cute short scarf. The stockinette stitch rolls in on itself (and in the picture you can tell what it is because it’s the skinny part), which is a little frustrating (and is probably why it doesn’t usually get used on scarves), but it still wears well!


So then Sunday afternoon after visiting Kyle’s church, we stopped by Michael’s and I bought this pretty “Autumn Red” Simply Soft yarn. It’s a finer thread and is really silky and soft (and slippery!). I love touching it, and I think it’s going to be very comfortable to wear. I’m knitting this scarf by knitting each row with an alternating knit/purl/knit/purl stitch for 15 stitches. It’s a “skinny scarf” and I like it so far. I’ve been trying to correct my mistakes as I go, so I’ve had to unravel a few rows, but nothing major. Here’s a picture of the progress (and the indention there at the end is because I didn’t lay it flat, not because a chunk of knitting is missing :D):

Scarf #2 (progress)



  1. Christmas gift to you, too! See you in about 18 hours. Hope you brought your shorts. It’s hot and humid here.

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