Ah, knitted mouse

For Christmas, my brother-in-law gave me Knitted and Felted Toys, so as soon as I finished the red scarf, I started on a little knitted mouse. My first attempt took awhile because I was doing it inbetween playing with nieces and nephews, and ultimately, it turned out sub-par. So on the flight back to Oregon, I knitted a second mouse and assembled it soon after. Here it is:

Mouse frontI set the ears a little too far apart, but they’re still nice and floppy. The eyes and nose are needlepointed on, which was also a first for me. I would definitely do it better next time.

Mouse Back

The tail is braided and is one of my favorite parts 🙂








I’m now working on a knitted Old Gloucester Spotted pig from World of Knitted Toys (after being inspired by friend, Lauri McKinley). I’ve actually sewed all the parts and just have to assemble it. I’m going to knit a black-and-pink Saddlepack pig next!



  1. Very, very cute!!!
    The tail seems a little long for a pig.
    How long does it take to do the pig, start to finish?


  2. The pig’s tail will be a little chain and curled. But yes, even for a mouse, it seems a little long, but still cute 🙂

    And the knitting for the piglet can be done in maybe 5 or 6 hours. I did all the knitting for the Saddleback pig yesterday. But now I need to do the finishing (i.e., sewing up and stuffing and attaching the various parts).

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