Ah, knitted piglets

Sunday afternoon, I finished assembling and embroidering my first piglet, a Saddleback piglet. I’ve also knitted all the parts for an Old Gloucestershire Spot piglet, but will assemble it later this week. Knitting with black yarn is both hard because it’s hard to see individual stitches as well and easy because it hides little errors much better.


The snout on this one is a little too long and I didn’t stuff the body and sout as much as I should have. Now I know!

Also, I embroidered brown eyes and a smile, but it’s hard to see in the picture.





Oh, and I knitted another, smaller mouse on Monday. Here it is. I like the smaller version better. And I think for the next one, I’ll move the ears up a little bit. It was hard to tell from the pictures exactly how high up the ears should be affixed.

Knitted Mouse 2 (in Lagoon)



  1. You’re a hoot!!! Glad you didn’t discover knitting until after you graduated!!
    Can you/are you writing about knitting?


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