Ah, winter retreat

This past weekend was the YM Winter Retreat @ Camp Tapwingo. The speakers, Kevin & Krista Ferguson, did an excellent job, and it was great to have almost double the YMers as last year @ a total of 27. According to some repeat attenders, it was the best retreat yet at Camp Tapawingo!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

The whole group in the amazing sunshine on Sunday!

YM Retreat 2009 Camp Tapawingo







Donnie with the bongos

Donnie with his congos









Mmmm, Rachelle’s salsa!

Mmm, salsaKevin attacking the present

Friday evening, we played an elaborate and fast-paced present-unwrapping game. Each person in the circle got to roll the dice and only got a go at the present if you rolled doubles. Once it was your turn, you had to first put on a hat, scarf, and gloves and then try at the gift. The hard part was that sometimes just as soon as you got ready to tear into it, someone else rolled doubles. It was a lot of fun!

 Matt and present


The weather was perfect all weekend long, with a hard frost each morning and sun each day. And the sessions were fabulous as well. I hope we’re able to have the Fergusons again next year!

View of hard frost from girl's cabin


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