Ah, sewing future

So I haven’t actually done any sewing yet with new sewing machine, but I have picked out material for two napkins (just to get used to machine) and for two tote bags.  My patterns will come from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. I saw it in the bookstore almost a year ago and pointed it out to Donnie. Then back in August he got for me as a surprise, and I’ve been waiting for my own sewing machine to make something from it.

Here is the material for the tote bags, as well as the picture of the potential final product from her book.

Simple Sewing

Top and Bottom Panel Tote Fabric

Fabric panels for tote 2

Tote Bags

The next sewing project I’d like to do is to make two bed pockets for our bed. They’re “easy” and completely practical. I think they would be great for kids’ beds, too!

Bed Pocket



  1. Very exciting. I didn’t know you got a sewing machine! I got my grandmothers machine when I was home. A few months ago I made 6 pillow covers for our ugly embassy pillows. I have a bunch of fabric to sew burp clothes for gifts but I have been overloaded with life! spend lots of time now on crafty stuff!!!

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