Ah, Chicago knitting

On Wednesday, February 11, I flew to Chicago for the AWP Conference and stayed with my friend Lauren. The sessions at the Hilton Chicago were fabulous–simultaneously encouraging and intimidating. At two sessions in particular, Antonya Nelson and Peter Turchi delivered amazing talks on Narrative Distance and Omniscience. They’re both professors at the Warren Wilson College low-residency MFA, the first of its kind. Nelson also teaches at the University of Houston. A friend I made at the conference told me about the tapes and CDs of Warren Wilson lectures and classes that are available for purchase on their website. So when I got home on Sunday, I immediately went online to see what topics were covered. I have a long list now of ones that I’d like to purchase, but since they’re $8/CD, I’ll be waiting for a little while.Striped, bulky scarf

As predicted in an earlier post, I had lots of time to knit and crochet on the flights. Here’s the scarf I started before I left and finished up Sunday afternoon.








While in Chicago, I went to Lauren’s favorite yarn shop, Nina, and succumbed to two hanks of yarn. The owner, Nina, Hank of Araucania yarnhas a hand-cranked winder, so she was able to rewind both yarns into a nice little ball. (Note: a “hank” is like a “skein” but just kept in a loop and tucked into itself. See picture to the left, which is of a beautiful yarn that Lauren gave me as a welcome gift :D.)





The first yarn I bought is this beautiful Blue Sky Apalca Suri Merino light-worsted Dawn Blue Sky Suri Merino Mistake Rib Scarfyarn in Dawn. It’s just the faintest pink, which suits me perfectly 🙂 While at Lauren’s, I also found the pattern for a Mistake Rib, which you can see here. So I checked the gauge (which I keep forgetting to do!) and chose my size 7 needles. So far, I’m very happy with the project 🙂 And the yarn is oh so very soft.

The other hank of yarn is a brown chunky alpaca yarn which I’ll blog more about later once I start its project!


And here’s one of the only pictures I took on my trip. And it’s from the plane on the way home. Enjoy Mount Hood!

Mount Hood from my seat and More snow (sorry about the wing!)


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