Ah, shrug & scarf

On Sunday, I woke up thoroughly dizzy and so I had to stay home from church, which was frustrating since I wanted to reconnect since I missed last week. But it did mean that I spent the day lying around–a prime knitting situation. I’ve been wanting to make something I could wear besides a scarf, so I looked up various patterns for shrugs and settled on this:

Shrug      Side shot of shrug

I used the beautiful Araucania yarn that Lauren gave me (see earlier post), which created a fun, rich pattern. What’s so fabulous about this pattern is that there’s no sewing. It’s all one piece!

On Saturday, I finished a scarf for Donnie that I began the day before. Manly scarfIt’s made of the fabulous Misti Alpaca yarn that I bought in Chicago. It’s so soft. In fact, it’s sitting on the table now waiting for Donnie , and every time I pass it, I touch it. I have almost a whole skein of it left, so I think I’ll knit something for myself with it 🙂



  1. You’ve turned into quite the knitter since I last saw you! My knitting has been going at a much slower pace, but that suits me. 🙂

    I like your little shrug!

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