Ah, reveling

While Donnie was in Texas during the last week of February, I decided that beyond obsessively knitting, I wanted to Daffodil et sinkrevel in a few other things to keep me distracted.

1) I bought myself some daffodils because, next to tulips, they’re my favorite flowers. (Although, part of me thinks it’s silly to have favorite flowers since all flowers are a joy.) They’re just so friendly! And they remind me of the edible daffodil tea cups in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I put a bunch on the table and a single one by the sink to make doing the dishes slightly less drab.


2) I washed all the bed linens and let myself enjoy how beautiful and comfortable the bed looks right after it’s reassembled.

Mmmm, fluffy blanket

Mmmm, made-up bed


Top sheet, blanket, down blanket. Down-filled duvet, fluffy pillows

After taking the pictures, I almost jumped on the bed but decided to wait for the deliciousness of getting into bed that night 🙂

3) I spent an extravagant amount of time (and butter and powdered sugar) making luscious chocolate-chip cupcakes for Donnie’s belated birthday celebration on the 1st.The Martha Stewart cupcake

The Martha Stewart recipe was only mildly difficult and made a total of 30 cupcakes. So I actually only baked and frosted 17 or 18 cupcakes and poured the rest of the batter into a square DeMarle cake pan. Donnie was pleased with the cupcakes and so was I 🙂

Cupcakes!  (The toothpicks were for the cling wrap I was about to use.)

I need to revel in things like this more often!




  1. For the non-Oregonians reading this, there are 2 things that absolutely astound me about the area where Claire and Donnie live.

    Number one, the Oregon-version blackberries that are EVERYWHERE that we would normally have weeds. And they are free and wonderful for the pickin’.

    Number two, in March and April there are little stands everywhere offering bunches of daffodils for sale for very cheap. $1 or a little more, right? They are where children would have a lemonade stand in the summer in a neighborhood or along the country roads and stands that would otherwise sell fruit.

    Texas is the best, but Oregon has some real good arguments for second-best.


  2. Flowers do wonders for livening up a room and where better than the kitchen sink to place one of those lovelies? Good job, and nice flowers. 🙂

    Daffodils are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers.

    I never much liked the birds of paradise flowers that grew all over my neighborhoods in california… They’re so weird.

  3. Hey Claire,
    Sorry I missed our phone date. It has been a really rough week. I will give you a call today. Oh and can you send me the knitting patterns for the shrug and the piggie?
    Miss you! Hey maybe we can do an iChat or Skype today? Will you be home?

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