Ah, Agricola

AgricolaFor Donnie’s birthday, I got him the long-desired board game, Agricola. So far, it’s proved to be the most pleasingly complex and entertaining game we’ve played. It’s like a board game with all of the expensive separate expansions included.

The most unique aspect of Agricola is that it can be played by 1-5 people. The rules and cards change as you increase the amount of players. And once we had the rules down, which didn’t take long, the actual game play moved along quickly. The game lasts 30 minutes per player. We’ve been enjoying it so far and finally had to clear it off the kitchen table so that it wasn’t a constant temptation to play either together or individually!

Donnie playing Agricola

Part of the spread



  1. I’m not sure what game Donnie or I mentioned. We’ve been enjoying Fjords, which is a “build-your-own-board with tiles” as you play kind of game that is played in 3 rounds and takes only 30 minutes! And then for Christmas, Donnie got Killer Bunnies. I haven’t played that one yet, but it looks fun and we have several friends who have all the expansions and have a lot of silly fun playing it.

  2. We should get together and play. What do your weekends look like in the coming month?? 🙂

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