Ah, painting

So every now and then, my desire to draw or paint overwhelms me and I have to succumb to it. All the crocheting and knitting fulfills a lot of that desire, but it’s not quite the same. So on Good Friday, I bought a canvas and some more painting supplies, went home and gessoed the canvas, and then Saturday afternoon, I painted a field of poppies, modeled from an Impressionist painting that I like. This is intended to be the first in several attempts to paint poppies, one of my favorite flowers.

(Apologies for the poor lighting)

(Apologies for the poor lighting)

It has a few issues, namely that the grass is too dark. I’d forgotten that acrylic dries darker than it is applied. But, as with my first attempt at something new, I tried not to let the imperfections keep me from ever finishing it. I intend to make another attempt after the 3-week grading crunch is over.



  1. Yes, I think it’s quite nice as well. I used to love to watch Bob Ross paint landscapes and wish I could paint as he does. He makes it look so easy! And so do you. 🙂

  2. I had a great-aunt Beulah. She was “Alice” Stephenson’s sister and gave Mimi the still life print that hangs in her room. That aunt wasn’t known for being generous and Mimi was very surprised when she gave it to her. But my Aunt Beulah went by the name Aunt Bude (or Bood, pronounced booed, but I never saw it written out).


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