Ah, busy, busy

Sorry for the silence! Ever since the last week of school, I seem to have been swept along without any blogging! So here are some updates!

Allison Marie CurtisMy friend and fellow blogger, Joani, had her beautiful baby girl, Allison Marie, on June 5th. The following day, which apparently was the last day that I posted, we went to visit her, so here are a couple of pictures of Allison and the happy family 🙂

Joani, Allison, and MarkI have to also quickly say that Joani was the happiest and highest-energy mother immediately post-birth that I’ve yet visited! I’m sure it didn’t hurt that Allison is just so stinking cute! (Starting in August, I get to watch this little girl 3 days a week!!)

Another friend, Carri, gave birth to a little boy, Eliot Joel,  on June 9th! But we didn’t get to visit them in the hospital and so I have no cute picture to post, but he is a cutie too! You can check him out at their blog.

Since then, we’ve gone to a graduation cook-out for our friend, Daniel Morse, who received his PhD in something to do with fluid dynamics (I’m just happy that I know that much!), have helped our friends the Phillips and Smith-Chins move into a shared house (the wives are sisters, which explains how sharing a house could even be a slight possibility), and helped organize and set-up a Clothing/Accessories/Media Swap this past Monday night at the Pynns’ summer mansion (the Kappa Delta sorority house where they are the house parents). All this amidst babysitting, cleaning, organizing, etc…. So I’ve at least felt busy.

And I’ve also been knitting! Not to give away any secrets, but I’m currently making a toy for my dear nephew, Jackson, and a different toy for Meagan’s little girl, Emaline, who I will get to see in early August at their home in Flagstaff. Oh and check out the hat and booties I made for Joani for Father’s Day (photo courtesy of Joani; she added the ribbons after the fact): Hat & Booties


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  1. Yes – you have been busy! Keep it up while you can! =). Although you forgot to mention the garage sale-ing. Maybe you can talk about the big one on the 11th after the fact!

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