Ah, Texas and chins

For a few days now, I’ve thought about updating the blog and then because it requires uploading pictures, I don’t do it. But here I am doing it now!

So I spent a week and a half in Texas and loved getting to see family, especially my cousins and aunts and uncles that live up in East Texas. Of course, I forgot my camera for that mini-trip so I have no pictures of that weekend, but hopefully soon I’ll get some from my sister who was snapping photos of her kids doing cute and interesting things. But I did take photos at the Barnum & Bailey Circus! This circus is particularly special to me since it comes the same time every year, which is during the week of my birthday! So here are some photos of my rapt nieces and nephews (and Tommy’s friend) and some of the performers. And I’ve included a short video of the performers.

The greatest show on earth!

The greatest show on earth!

Tallest guy on stilts I've ever seen

Tallest guy on stilts I've ever seen



Circus Family

Ella, Joe (Tommy's friend), Tommy, Wade, Thomas, and Sara

And here’s the video of what I can only describe as bouncing acrobats. I’ve included it mostly because the bouncies look like so much fun! (This is the last little bit of their exhibition.)

I also went maternity clothes shopping with my sister Sara and then again with my mom and thanks to their generosity, I believe I am now “set” on clothes. I may end up buying another pair of pants since I will probably wear my one pair out and a heavier coat or sweater jacket of some kind for the winter. So as I post pictures of myself and my  slug, you’ll get to see the clothes, which I know everyone is dying to see.

I spent most of the rest of the trip in Texas helping my mom with decorating choices for their house since she’s planning on redoing the kitchen and painting all the halls and both “living” rooms, and she’s even considering painting the brick fireplace. While looking around on the internet for painting options, I found this company, Brick-Anew, which seems to offer a great product. I searched and couldn’t find any negative or disgruntled reviews. I’m hoping she’ll try it first before painting the fireplace one flat color. But first, it will all depend on how the new wall color looks against the fireplace.

Last Saturday, the day after I got back from Texas, was my 26th birthday. So Donnie and I drove over to Albany, our neighboring town to the east, and ate lunch at Carino’s Italian Restaurant. It was at this same restaurant in Lubbock that Donnie proposed 5 and a half years ago, so it was fun to be able to eat there and reminisce.

And now a chronicle of my chronic issue of trying to keep my chin down in photos. These were taken at Carino’s. Between my chin and Donnie trying to make his smile look fresh and natural, we’re basically hopeless. (That’s why our engagement photos, if you’ve ever seen them, are a miracle because we both look simultaneously fabulous in each one–chins down and everything!)

Trying to keep my chin down and clearly unsuccessful

Trying to keep my chin down and clearly unsuccessful

Chin success! But wait, what's Donnie's smile doing?

Chin success! But wait, what's Donnie's smile doing?

Woah! The chin rears its ugly head, again.

Woah! The chin rears its ugly head, again.

After a few days back in town, I promptly went raspberry picking, which is a good thing since the season is basically over. Apparently, in September, another crop will arrive, so I will have to figure out when that is exactly and buy some more! I got 2.5 pounds of raspberries for $2.50! And they are yummy!! I’m going to try to make a batch of raspberry jam later this summer or early fall. And then later last week, I went blueberry picking at the same place I went last year and got over 5 pounds of blueberries. That should last us for a year of smoothies. I may go back in a couple of weeks and pick some more. The bounty this past week was amazing. I spent all of my time at only TWO bushes and got that many berries!

More stuff is going on, but I have to stop this post here. Donnie and I are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow so you will soon have more silly and “goofy” pictures of us than you ever wished to see.



  1. I hope you never defeat your chin. It makes me laugh out loud every time you battle. Alas, your eyebrows gave up too soon.


  2. Claire,
    Glad you never tried boxing. A boxer must never lead with his chin.

    Mom says your eyebrows finally came down but then your chin went up. Can’t win.

    Donnie, that’s why I never let my lips part when I “smile” in photos.


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