Ah, Disneyland!

On July 28th, we flew down to Anaheim to spend 3 full days at Disneyland since neith of us had ever been. Also, we were considering it our last big “hurrah” before the baby arrives–what some call a “baby moon”–even though we had started talking about it before we found out. We had a lot of fun, even though I couldn’t ride some of the rides, but we were both okay with that, having grown up next to Six Flags where we’d ridden plenty of scary and intense rides all of our lives. In fact, I (and I think Donnie, too) both enjoyed the kiddie park feel of all the rides.

We actually stayed at the Best Western directly across from the main entrance that you see below, which meant that whenever we wanted to leave the park because it was getting hot, or for lunch, or for a nap (for me, not Donnie), we only had to walk for about 10 minutes. It was fabulous!

And, of course, the weather was amazing. We left Oregon when it was still in the 100’s and ended up in southern California where the highs didn’t leave the mid-80’s. In fact, when we got to LAX and stood waiting for our shuttle, there was a cool ocean breeze and it was only 75! One of our friends from southern California told me that she couldn’t believe we were heading to SoCal to escape the heat!

So here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

1st day!First day!

In front of Sleeping Beauty's CastleIn front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

(Note: One of the professional Disneyland photographers offered to take this photo for us for free. Very nice!)

Silly Donnie on Tea CupsSilly Donnie on tea pots (my favorite picture)

Claire in Toon TownIn front of an awesomely named ice cream shop in Toon Town

Alice Claire in front of her namesakeMe in front of my first namesake 🙂

Donnie being shocked in Toon Town

Donnie being shocked by a trick door in Toon Town

Donnie and Mr.  ToadDonnie and Mr. Toad before heading out on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”

Donnie struggling with the swordDonnie struggling with the sword, but he almost had it!

Claire struggling with...the swordMe struggling witht he sword, but I did eventually pull it out! But of course Donnie refused to take the picture 🙂

Donnie the PirateDonnie the Pirate

(Note: the water stain is from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, not anything less savory)

Claire the even cooler pirateMe the Even Cooler Pirate (mostly because I’m a pirate and a half!)

And lastly, this is brief footage from the beginning of the Fireworks Spectacular that happens ever summer night at 9:25. We stayed for it on our second day there and it was, true to name, spectacular! (And we got some excellent seats, which is what you should get for waiting for over an hour.) They had fireworks I hadn’t seen before, which was fun, including a shooting star firework. At the end of the video, you can see it. Sorry there’s such a delay between the first fireworks and that one. Just another example of Disney making us wait! 🙂

(Note: When you view the video, YouTube has other videos on the side of the whole show. It was amazing, if you feel like watching all of it!)


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