Ah, Flagstaff

Over the second weekend of August, I flew down to Flagstaff, AZ, to visit my long-time best friend, Meagan, and her husband and cute little eight-month-old daughter, Emaline. On Friday night, we went downtown for the monthly Arts Walk. First, we ate out at a yummy Thai restaurant. I didn’t have my camera out for that part of the evening, so I’m having to steal Meagan’s pictures from her blog.

Me and Emaline

Me and Emaline preparing for Thai food

Emaline reviewing her choicesEmaline deciding what she wishes she could eat

Me and the ladiesMe and the ladies preparing to go on our walk d’ art

On Sunday, Meagan and I drove down to Sedona, which is only about 40 minutes away. On our way, we stopped at a beautiful overlook where a kind man took several pictures of us. I believe his words were, “Be ready. I’m going to take 4 or 5, so you have options.” Neither of us had ever had a volunteer picture taker offer to take more than the obligatory one.

Proving that the babe was there

Proving that the babe was there (this was not one of the ones taken by the kind man :D)

Me and the MeaganEnjoying the overlook

After that, we stopped at another overlook that has a path leading under the road’s bridge along a creek. I bet you can’t guess what the bridge is called?

Yes, that's its name

Meagan enjoying the view

Meagan enjoying the viewly wiewly under the Bridgely Widgely

Meagan in front of Cathedral RockMeagan in front of Cathedral Rock

Claire and Cathedral RockMe enjoying the intense sun….and the view

And only because it was so amazing, I’ve included a picture of the house that was just below us (we were at the Cathedral of the Rock, a church partially designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that also had amazing views). You can see the edge of the roof in the bottom right-hand part of the above photo. Keep in mind when looking at this house and its ground that it is in the middle of a desert.

Amazingly disgusting houseYes, that’s a telescope/observatory on the roof and a pond/lagoon and a guest house and fresh sod.

And this last photo is for Dad and anyone else who wants to play Guess the Cactus. Let the games begin!

____ cactus?At least the strange-looking thing has a pretty flower


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